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Workout Whenever | Increase Your Options with an Indoor Cycling TrainerWorkout Whenever | Increase Your Options with an Indoor Cycling Trainer

When you have an indoor trainer you can opt for a quick cardio session whenever you want – regardless of daylight, weather, or the amount of time you have. Better yet, your indoor riding experience can be fun! Take your workouts to the next level with a new indoor trainer.

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Enjoy every workout more

Cycling Apparel

Add a pair of padded shorts and cycling-specific apparel to your wardrobe to stay cool and comfortable.

Cycling Shoes

Clipping into pedals with cycling shoes improves your alignment and engages more muscles.

Cycling Accessories

The right accessories can make your ride more fun and comfortable. Reach out if you’d like recommendations!

5 ways to make riding inside more fun

Gone are the days of blankly staring at walls as you workout at home. We have the tips and tricks for you to add more fun to your indoor cycling experience!

Step 1 - Music

Music, music, music!

Listening to upbeat jams is one of the more classic ways to help reduce boredom and add some energy to the room, especially if you don’t have a screen in front of you. Also try audiobooks or your favorite podcast to mix it up.

Step 1 - Music

Connect to a training app.

Ride real-life roads virtually, race friends, or get help mapping out a training program. Apps have transformed indoor cycling and are easy to get started on. Check your trainer compatibility and try one out!

Step 1 - Music

Set targets.

Challenge yourself by setting cadence, resistance or output targets. This will keep you focused and motivated.

Step 4 - Watch

Watch tv or a movie.

If you have a screen in front of you, then occupy your mind by watching inspiring shows or an interesting movie.

Step 1 - Music

Vary your sessions.

By changing up the length, intensity, cadence or resistance of your sessions, you’ll see fitness gains faster, become a more well-rounded cyclist and have more fun doing it.

App Logos

It’s easy to connect with the most popular training apps

With a smart trainer and your favorite indoor training app, you can select your location, ride with friends, track your ride stats, and much more.