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Devinci offers premium bicycles manufactured in North America, with a focus on innovation with aluminum hand crafted frames. When you are interested in a bicycle way beyond what you have known before, you need to try a Devinci. These bicycles are so special that there are very few dealers in our area. Riding a Devinci will set you apart from all the other riders in your group. Oh, and did we say all their bikes come with a lifetime guarantee?

With a rider centric vision, Devinci is a community focused brand carrying the belief that every rider needs the right bike to set them free. Take a read of their manifesto below to get a feel for Devinci’s driving vision:

A bike without a rider is just an arts and crafts project: A metal frame on rubber wheels with a chain and a bit of grease.

At Devinci, we make more than bikes.

We make daydreamers into adventurers, part-time hustlers into full-time commuters.

Thrill-seekers into world champions.

We make communities come together with a single objective in mind: to quench its thirst for freedom, one mile at a time. And live every ride as if it was the first.

We build, design, weld, and test most of our products in Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada. The aluminum valley. Just north of awesome. Here, we keep innovating to meet your needs and imagine the bikes that will let your inner rider ride free.

We make more than bikes. We make riders.

We believe roots, potholes, puddles and cliffs should be the only obstacles in a rider’s journey. Nothing more, nothing less. We build premium-accessible products to break down the boundaries around what was once an exclusive community,  and allow every rider to take their next step.

Our Canadian heritage is not simply exotic, it’s a guaranty of quality. Our story started north—way north—in a place called the valley of aluminum, and we’re still here today. Most of our products are still imagined, built, assembled and tested right here, in a single shop, with expertise and passion.

Take the next step in your journey as a cyclist.  Come in and try a Devinci and we will make sure that you get the right bike to let your inner rider ride free. You won’t regret it.

For more information on Devinci, visit their website here:

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